Writing Real Estate Investor With Flow


Writing Real Estate Investor Insurance With Flow Insurance Services

By: Adam Matheny

Here at Flow, we strive to be the best real estate investor general agency because our agents deserve the best. Our goal is to be your first stop after your core carriers. Whether you are looking for more competitive pricing, better coverage, or access to products that your markets do not offer we can help. Below are some of the things that we use to try and make us the best real estate investor general agency.

We Do The Quoting

In an effort to be the best real estate investor general agency, Flow does all the quoting for you. You’re busy and we want to take as much off your plate as we can. Why bother going into several company websites, submitting the same information over and over again just to get a non-competitive rate or a decline? Let us quote it for you.

Easy Application

Again, we realize your time is valuable. Our easy application will help you get the quote request to Flow quickly so we can get to work fast. There’s no need to fill out big, clunky applications with dozens of questions that are completely irrelevant to what you’re trying to quote. Our real estate investor application is quick, simply, and easy to fill out. In our effort to be the best real estate investor general agency, we want to free up as much of your time as possible.

Communication, Communication, Communication!

You can’t be the best real estate investor general agency without great communication skills. At Flow, we will confirm receipt of the application once we receive it, immediately reach out with any additional underwriting questions there may be, and quickly turn around a quote for you. With Flow, if we’re going to error on the side of communication, it’s going to be because we over-communication, not under communicate.

Specialty Products

We wouldn’t be the best real estate investor general agency if we only had cookie cutter products. Our markets are diverse and allow for specialized policies. This product is ideal for investors with 5+ properties looking to protect their properties on a single policy. Vacant properties? No problem. High value properties? No problem. Multiple endorsements available, such as replacement cost, sewer backup, per property aggregate, and many more to help you build the best policy for your client.

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