Writing Commercial Auto With Flow Insurance Services


Writing Commercial Auto With Flow Insurance Services

By: Adam Matheny

Our Goal

Here at Flow, we strive to be the best commercial auto general agency because our agents deserve the best. Our goal is to be your first stop after your core carriers. Whether you are looking for more competitive pricing, better coverage, or access to products that your markets do not offer we can help. Below are some of the things that we use to try and make us the best commercial auto general agency.


The best commercial auto general agency must have great communication with their agents. At Flow, we’ll confirm receipt of your quote requests immediately and respond quickly to inquiries about market availability. If we don’t know the answer to your question, we’ll find out and get back to you as quickly as possible. We’ll also give you status update throughout the quoting process if we aren’t able to turn around a quote instantly (i.e., the quote must go to underwriting, etc). Our philosophy is that if we’re going to error with communication, we’d rather over-communicate than under communicate.

We Do The Quoting For You

As an agent, you have enough on your plate. We help take on some of your work load by quoting risks in our systems for you. You send the application and we do the quoting, so you can move on and do all the other things you have to do in your busy life. This way, you’re not having to learn even more systems, keep track of even more logins, and try and figure out who is the most competitive. In our goal to be the best commercial auto general agency, we try and take as much work off your plate as possible.


You can’t be the best commercial auto general agency without having the best markets. At Flow, we strive to have a large variety of commercial auto markets and are constantly expanding our markets to meet the needs of our agents. Each carrier has their own specialties – contractors, fleet, large vehicles, etc. Keeping a diverse base of markets helps us offer you quotes on markets many general agencies can’t. It also helps us remain competitive to help you win more business and keep your existing business.

Financially Strong

We couldn’t be the best commercial auto general agency without using financially strong insurance company’s products. Flow Insurance is a preferred general agency. Our carriers are all A rated or better per A.M. Best. You can rest easy knowing that your clients policies lie with financially strong companies that have the ability to pay their claims.

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