Agents: Are Your Clients Protected From Mudslides?

By: Adam Matheny

There have been horrific mudslides in Santa Barbara County, California in the recent past, as anyone who watches the evening news has probably seen. The mudslides were caused by flash floods in the scorched Santa Ynez Mountains, which received significant damage from area wildfires. The fires burn up the shrubs and plant life that help to absorb rainwater and keep soil on the hills. This makes the hillsides prone to mudslides, particularly after heavy storms.


Mudslide vs Mudflow

The terms mudslide and mudflow have different definitions to insurance companies. This important distinction determines if they will be covered by a typical homeowner policy or by a separate flood insurance policy.

A mudslide, as seen in Santa Barbara County, California, happens when an accumulation of water destabilizes a hillside, causing earth and rock to slide downhill. Mudslides are not typically covered under flood policies but could be covered under a homeowner’s policy. Mudslides are often considered “earth movement events” and may be excluded from basic homeowner’s. A mudflow is defined as a river of mud and are generally covered by flood insurance policies.


Not Sure Your Client's Are Protected?

Remember to consult your insured’s policies to determine the kind of insurance coverage they may or may not have. Most likely, the homeowner’s insurance policy excludes damage from mudslides and mudflow.

Want To Protect Your Client's Against Mudflow?

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